What I blog about

I don’t own the images, gifs, videos or music posted on this blog unless stated otherwise. The thoughts, opinions and rambles however are by my sleep-deprived brain. So please don’t go bitchin’ to me that what I posted is yours ‘coz this is the world wide web, people. It’s like a free-for-all-eat-all-you-can buffet out here (plus, I do try to put the sources whenever it’s available anyway). There is little to no sense of propriety when it comes to the internet so you might as well deal with it.

Aside from the rare “my thoughts” posts, I blog about pretty much anything that holds my interest; shows and films that I watch, photos that I can relate to, music that I love, things I find amusing/funny, and photos of beautiful people.

Oh beautiful, beautiful people - Dianna Agron is a goddess, in my honest opinion; she’s far too perfect to be real. James Dean, Paul Newman,  Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift and Alain Delon are gods. Olivia Wilde and Ian Somerhalder are the definition of sexy…Aaron Johnson ain’t so bad either. There’s also a fair amount of Ryan Gosling here - loved him ever since Young Hercules. Not a lot of Yvonne Strahovski, though she is a fave. And Naya Rivera? What a smokin’ hot bitch. You’ll see photos of the Glee cast and/or the show on occasion even if I strongly dislike the show because the cast is just too cute and lovable.

I have a fascination with old Hollywood, but I won’t call myself an expert. These are just some of the people that I’m fascinated with.

Sometimes I share something about my life — though I tend not to get too personal for privacy’s sake.

I know stuff. Some irrelevant, some pretty awesome, but most are just some pretty random (often useless) general knowledge stuff.

I also have a fondness for profanities and sometimes post NSFW-ish photos that will always be tagged, so fair warning to under-aged followers.

If you are so inclined, click this for more about myself.